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Study: Low-skilled immigration benefits US economy

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A new study by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) finds that low-skilled immigration to the United States benefits consumers, employers and skilled workers.

"In contrast to the broad consensus that exists regarding the benefits of highly skilled immigration, the economic role of low-skilled immigrants remains one of the most controversial questions in the immigration debate," the MPI said in a press release.

An important issue in America's immigration debate is low-skilled immigration. Some people feel that low-skilled immigrants (especially illegal immigrants) take jobs from Americans. Others feel that the US has to import labor to fill low-skilled vacancies.

According to Harry j. Holzer, the study's author, "immigration would only account for a small percentage of the decline in relative wages experienced by least educated workers."

In his report, Holzer said that employers use low-skilled immigrants to do certain jobs that only immigrant workers are prepared to do. These jobs only exist because of immigrant workers. Low-skilled workers benefit American consumers by keeping wages, and thus prices for goods and services, low.