Tier 1 Visa Candidates - Maximise your chance of extension and tax efficiency

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Workpermit.com is working with market-leading specialists at structuring contractors pay, and can help anyone who has been granted a Tier 1 visa, or has an application in the pipeline.

As the Tier 1 (general) Highly Skilled Migrant scheme is closing, it is essential that those who are fortunate enough to get these visas do all they can to ensure that they will be able to extend the visa when it comes up for renewal. The goalposts are always changing, so it can be helpful to have your remuneration managed by specialists who can call on workpermit.com to ensure that you gain maximum points.

Another little-known fact is that, as most Tier 1 visa holders are internationally mobile, they may have some very tax-efficient ways to structure their affairs and earnings. Unfortunately, most tax-efficient schemes are incompatible with getting suitable UK recognition of your earnings to extend your Tier 1 visa. By working with workpermit.com, our partner companies have been able to find solutions that balance these competing priorities.

The above solutions are geared to those Tier 1 visa holders who expect to operate on a Contract / Locum basis.

Interested parties should send their CVs, and details of the expected daily/hourly contract rates they expect to achieve, to Tier1pay@workpermit.com