Tier 2 visa applications made by Indians in decline

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UK Tier 2 visa applications made by Indians are in decline, according to figures released by the Home Office recently. Data shows a 4 percent drop for the year ending June 2017. The dip has been attributed to the government’s continued tightening of the UK visa system.

People often migrate to the UK using a Tier 2 visa for skilled workers, allowing them to work for a Tier 2 Sponsorship License holding UK employer. However, as Workpermit.com recently reported, the system is complex, with up to 85% of companies finding the Tier 2 UK visa process difficult.  which is why thousands of people have asked for Workpermit.com's help in their UK visa applications.

In the year ending June 2017, Home Office records indicate that Indians accounted for 29,800 sponsored Tier 2 visa applications. However, as the government attempts to cut migrant numbers, the number of applications being made by Indian nationals for the UK’s coveted skilled worker visa continues to fall.

A statement released by the Home Office said: “Indian nationals accounted for 29,800 (54 percent) skilled work sponsored visa applications in the year ending June 2017, with US nationals the next largest group (5,686 or 10 percent of the total).”

“The number of sponsored visa applications for Indian nationals was 4 percent lower in the year ending June 2017 and applications for US nationals were 9 percent lower,” the Home Office statement added.

Indian nationals still receive largest number of Tier 2 visas

Despite declining applicant numbers, data released by the UK’s Office of National Statistics, reveals that Indian nationals continue to account for the highest number of Tier 2 visas granted by the UK government.

In March 2017, Workpermit.com reported that Indian nationals had secured close to 60 percent of Tier 2 skilled worker visas granted by the UK in the year ending September 2016. This was despite the number of UK visas granted falling to their lowest level since 2014.

Favourable UK visa terms for Indians

Meanwhile, British Asian peer Lord Gadhia has urged the government to grant Indian nationals ‘favourable UK visa terms.’ Gadhia’s comments come following the release of the latest UK immigration data, which highlights the positive impact of Indian migration to Britain.

The data, published by the Home Office, shows that 97 percent of Indians exit Britain prior to the expiration of their visa, a compliance rate that’s above the 96.3 percent average for the top 10 countries whose citizens come to the UK.

Lord Gadhia said: “Going forward, the UK government should now have much greater confidence in providing skilled workers with favourable UK visa access terms which are not discriminatory in any way.”

According to Gadhia, India’s skilled workers contribute hugely to the UK economy, while ‘enriching and supporting Britain’s position as one of the most open and welcoming nations in the world.’

Tier 2 visa applications continue to decline

Despite Gadhia’s comments the number of Tier 2 visa applications lodged by Indians, along with US and Australian citizens, shows a downward trend. UK companies continue to express concerns over access to non-EU skilled workers and European workers as Britain blockades the visa system amid ongoing Brexit negotiations.

What is evident is the uncertainty among UK businesses. Prime Minister, Theresa May has insisted that she will crackdown on the number of non-EU workers entering Britain, a promise that is likely to affect Indian nationals long-term.

It’s not just the UK where Indians are facing immigration adversity. In the US, President Donald Trump continues to wreak havoc on the H1B and L1 visa systems in a bid to exert his ‘America First’ policy. The $150 billion Indian IT outsourcing industry in the US is currently staring down the barrel of an uncertain future.


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