UK Border Agency asks for comments on UK Visa Charges

The UK Border Agency announced on 9 September that they have launched a public consultation on the fees it charges for its immigration and visa services.

UKBA would like comments on the fees for the new "earned citizenship" to be introduced in 2009 and fee structures in other areas where they might offer "more tailored" services in future.

Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas said:

'I believe that it is fair that those who benefit from using our immigration system should help fund it, and we will continue to use charges to recover part of our costs.

'This consultation is part of an ongoing process to ensure we can run a modern and efficient system that welcomes legitimate migrants and balances the interests of both the users of the system and the UK taxpayer.

'Already migrants contribute over £650 million towards our costs. This goes to fund the 25,000 staff who work in local communities, at the border and in 135 countries around the world.'

The consultation is open for twelve weeks until 1 December 2009.