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UK chefs occupational guidance updated

UK caseworkers will use a newly updated guidance document to process work permit applications for Chef occupations. The old guidance is still in effect throughout July, but after 02 August, 2006 the new guidance will be used for all work permit applications in this category.

Chefs and cooks are responsible for preparing and cooking across a wide range of catering outlets. Chef is the term normally used in kitchens at hotels and restaurants; cook is usually the term used in hospitals and schools. Short/call order cooks usually work in fast-food outlets, cafes and snack bars.

There are a number of different types of chef and cook. The type of work they do is often dependent on the size and nature of the establishment they work in. Generally speaking, no formal educational requirements are required to work as a chef/cook, although there are several specialized categories within the upper level of the occupation that do require education and/or certifications to qualify for.

Persons applying for a work permit in this occupation, and possibly an associated visa, should familiarize themselves with the updated guidance to ensure their applications are consistent with the specific category they are attempting.