UK civil partnership law welcomed by gay immigrants

Immigrants seeking entrance into the United Kingdom now have an easier route to follow, thanks to December's law allowing gay civil unions. Homosexual couples now have the same immigration rights as married heterosexual couples, and can receive a full passport after two years in the country.

The UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group recently marked the changes the civil partnership legislation has made to international couples, while calling for more help in tackling the problems facing lesbian and gay refugees.

The group, which is based in London, helps support lesbian and gay asylum seekers fleeing strict regimes. It held a fundraiser in the Mayor's building, with gay MPs, campaigners and supporters attending to help raise awareness of the issue.

"We have been instrumental in the achievement of many of the milestones on the road to equality and justice in UK immigration and nationality law and in particular the new Civil Partnership legislation," a spokesperson said.

"However, there is still much to accomplish and the group desperately needs funding to continue this vital work."