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UK clarifies HSMP past earnings points rules

Applicants for the UK's Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) are able to claim up to a maximum of 50 points for their earnings during the 12 month period prior to the application being made.

Applications from individuals who have been sent overseas during the past 12 months, but their salary has continued to be paid in another country, are currently assessed against the country where they actually worked. This practice will change with immediate effect.

Applications from individuals who have been sent overseas by their employer and have claimed points for past earnings, will be considered against the income band of the country in which their position is normally held.

For example, an Australian citizen working for Citicorp in New York is seconded to Citicorp Malawi for six months to advise on audit controls. His permanent post remains with Citicorp New York, he continues to receive his USA salary and an overseas allowance. His income level remains that of someone working in the USA and therefore the USA income thresholds are the appropriate country codes to consider.

Please ensure that if you have been transferred overseas during the last 12 months, your score for the past earnings section is calculated according to this guidance. The HSMP guidance notes for applicants will be updated as soon as possible to incorporate this information.