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UK government to increase skills training

The UK government flag ship for job skills training New Deal, is to be expanded to improve workers skills. The government wants to increase the skills scheme to be more flexible.

Gordon Brown from New Deal, told MP's that the UK economy by the year 2020 will have 14 million skilled jobs in the country.

Currently there are 3.4 million unskilled positions of employment in the UK, and Brown believes the number of unskilled labour by 2020 could drop to only 300,000 positions.

Employers need a flexible workforce that is skilled. A typical worker changes jobs seven times in their lifetime. Britain needs to invest in skill training, and re-skill the labour force for the future, said Brown.

He also told the MP's, that this does not mean New Deal will be abolished, but just as the workforce needs to be strengthened, so does New Deal, under the title New Deal for Jobs and Skills.

The training opportunities for women will also be doubled in some 20 areas of Britain, with Brown saying that discriminations in women's pay will be addressed.

10,000 women will be targeted to gain more skills, and treasury will be targeting low skilled women too. Lone parents will also be helped, so they can find getting back into the workforce easier, Brown told the ministers.