UK - guidance revisions for non-visa nationals with 6-month work permits

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The British Home Office this week announced a clarification to the following paragraphs of the following four Guidances:

• paragraph 163 of the Business and Commercial guidance notes; • paragraph 140 of the Sports and Entertaiments guidance notes; • paragraph 140 of the Training and Work Experience guidance notes; and • paragraph 18 of the General Information Leaflet.Affected are non-visa nationals holding a work permit valid for six months or less.Non-visa nationals are not required to obtain an entry clearance, but most require a work permit or to register with the government to be able to work legally.If a work permit holder has not obtained entry clearance and they leave the Common Travel Area during the validity of their work permit, their landing permission will lapse. The United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Republic of Ireland collectively form the Common Travel Area.Persons may be allowed to re-enter during the period of validity of a work permit by presenting the permit again to gain entry clearance. However, the possession of a work permit does not guarantee them automatic re-entry to the UK. The decision to grant re-entry is strictly at the discretion of the Immigration Service. Where an Immigration Officer refuses re-entry, for example because the basis on which the work permit was first issued has changed, a new work permit would be required for re-entry to the UK.If a work permit holder who needs to travel outside the Common Travel Area within the period of validity of their work permit has reason to believe their permit may not be accepted for the purpose of re-entry, they may wish to consider obtaining entry clearance before they travel.

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