UK Immigration asks for applicants for new permit free visa festival list

UKBA has announced that they are now accepting applications from arts festivals for the permit free list. This means that entertainers and their support staff may gain entry on entertainment visitor visas for major arts festivals on the list.

The Entertainer Visitor Visa is also useful for example, if you wish to take part in music competitions, as an amateur entertainer or part of an amateur group.

The UK Border Agency is now accepting applications for the permit free festival list for 2010-2011. You only have until 1 February 2010 to apply.

About a year ago on 25 November 2008 the Secretary of State for Scotland, Jim Murphy had the following to say:

"Edinburgh's festivals alone generate around £180m for the Scottish economy each year with thousands of performers converging on Edinburgh every summer to take part in what is undoubtedly - the highlight of the cultural calendar. In recognition of the unique status of these festivals, the UK Government has retained the existing permit free festival list under the new immigration rules".

Coming under an entertainer visitor visa is much easier than coming under Tier 5 of the points based system. You will find details of the current permit free festival list HERE.