UK Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Bill criticized

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The latest Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Bill released by the UK Home Office has potential negative consequences, the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants announced last week.

The Bill proposes to remove the rights of work permit holders, among others, to appeal. This will apply to those who apply from within the UK and outside the UK. It would also affect foreign students in the UK. It is unclear at present whether the Secretary of State will introduce new appeal rights for certain persons.

The Bill also proposes to remove the current provision which automatically extends an applicant's leave to remain whilst an in-time application for further leave is being considered by the Home Office. This may mean that those permitted to work (ie work permit holders) would have to cease working until the Home Office makes a decision on the second application.

On the spot fines - without going through the court systems - may also be introduced for employers who have hired illegal workers. JCWI believes this could harm some ethnic minorities and migrant worker groups in the UK.