UK immigration issues list of unsatisfactory Bangladeshi banks

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The United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) has issued a list of Bangladeshi banks that it considers 'do not satisfactorily verify financial statements'. As of 13th December 2012, the UKBA will no longer accept documentation in support of UK points-based system visa applications from any of the banks on the list.

It is a requirement of the points-based system that evidence that the applicant has adequate funds to support himself is provided along with a visa application.

For example, an applicant for a tier 4 student visa will receive ten points under the PBS if he provides proof that he has

• Paid all or part of his course fees and/or
• Are receiving official financial sponsorship and/or
• Have enough money to cover your remaining course fees and living costs, if any

In order to do so, applicants from many countries, including Bangladesh, will have to provide documentary evidence in support.

Acceptable documents are
• Personal bank or building society statements containing all relevant account details
• Building society pass book
• Letter from a bank confirming that the applicant, (or his parent or guardian)
• Letter from a financial institution confirming that the applicant (or parent or guardian) has sufficient funds or a loan for a sufficient amount. The financial institution must be regulated by its home country's financial regulator.

As of 13th December 2012, the UKBA will not accept documentation in support of any application from the following Bangladeshi Institutions

Agrani Bank Limited
Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited
Ansar-Vidipi Bank
Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited
Bangladesh Development Bank Ltd
Bangladesh Krishi Bank
Bangladesh Small Industries and Commerce (BASIC) Bank Limited
Bank Alfalah Limited
Bank Asia Limited
Co-operative Bank
Dhaka Bank Limited
Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

The UKBA says that it will accept financial statements in support of visa applications from the following Bangladeshi financial institutions after 13th December 2012

AB Bank Limited
BRAC Bank Ltd
Citi Bank
Commercial Bank of Ceylon Ltd
Eastern Bank Limited
First Security Islami Bank Ltd
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd
Mutual trust Bank Ltd
National Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd
One Bank Ltd
Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd
Southeast Bank Ltd
Standard Chartered Bank
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