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UK needs 29,000 skilled plumbers by 2007

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Often when news regarding skills shortages are reported, overlooked occupations are not mentioned. For example, even though the official UK skills shortage list doesn't mention it, there is a need for skilled trades people in plumbing.

Not enough young people are entering the trade to replace the older plumbers that are retiring. At the same time, there is an increasing need for plumbers to perform all the work necessary for both new construction and for renovation projects. As many Brits have noticed, a skilled and certified plumber is difficult and expensive to come by.

This offers a grand opportunity for an immigrant to enter the country. Persons who have experience in plumbing, especially if it has been their main trade for years, can locate solid, well-paying work in this field. If you qualify, this is an excellent Working Holidaymaker trade to take temporary work and and establish contacts while learning the local job market.

The only catch is that they need both good English skills (perfection is not require!) and they need to be certified to perform all work to exact building codes. It needs to be noted that anyone may not just perform plumbing, although many people try to do it themselves at home. Persons doing their own plumbing in their house are often unaware that they may be violating building codes. Also, independent plumbers aren't always aware of exact building codes.

Persons who take the time to study and certify in building codes so that their work always passes inspection will find more work than they can accept. Opportunities for employment as well as opening their own businesses are rich.

The Construction Industry Training Board estimates that approximately 29,000 extra qualified plumbers will be needed by 2007. The current education system generally emphasizes academic qualifications to the detriment of vocational experience and qualifications.

Potential students often don't realize that a craft-based career can often provide a very substantial income without some of the disadvantages of tighter work opportunities and advanced studies required for academic degrees. Career options as a designer, a plumbing lecturer or a consultant, among many others, are also available.

The problems consumers face in trying to find a competent plumber will only get worse as the skills crisis deepens.


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