UK - portion of Sector Based Scheme closed immediately

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Part of the United Kingdoms SBS programe is closed immediately because all the available visas have been given. Other parts of the scheme are still open. This means that the number of people eligible to come under the SBS work permit scheme has been reduced even further.

Announcement from the UK Home Office :

Sector Based Scheme - Closure of the food manufacturing
(General/Mushroom) quota

16 October 2006

In March 2006 the Home Secretary announced that the
Sectors Based Scheme (SBS) would close either by the 31
December 2006, or from a point when the sector specific
quotas were exhausted, whichever was sooner. The quota of
500 permits for the Food Manufacturing (General) sector has
now reached its limit. Consequently no new first
applications submitted after midnight 17 October 2006 will
be considered. Any applications received after this date
will be returned to the sender. No charge will be made for
returned applications.While no new applications will be
accepted, extension applications up to a maximum of 12
months, and change of employment applications for existing
permit holders can still be submitted for consideration.
This suspension does not affect the quotas for Food
Manufacturing (Meat) or Food Manufacturing (Fish).


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