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UK rejects Scotland's bid for more immigrants

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Prime Minister David Cameron has rejected Scotland First Minister Alex Salmond's plea that the UK exempt Scotland from recent restrictions on UK immigration from outside the European Union.

Salmond feels that immigration would help Scotland's ailing economy. However, Cameron feels that Scotland should try to fill job vacancies locally without the need to recruit overseas workers. Unfortunately, Scottish firms are having a tough time finding the talent they need from the resident UK and EU population.

Scotland has had specific immigration schemes in the past such as the Fresh Talent scheme that has helped Scotland meet its needs for skilled workers. But the UK has taken significant steps to reduce overall immigration into the UK. For example, The Fresh Talent Scheme and the Tier 1 General highly skilled visa scheme no longer exist.

Critics of Salmond's proposals feel that easier immigration rules for Scotland would allow non-EU migrants to enter through the north and head south into England.