UK summary of criticism of recent immigration changes

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Following is a summary roundup of what is being said in newspapers throughout the UK regarding Home Office announcements this week about changes in immigration policy. Home Secretary John Reid recently outlined his goals for the future of UK migration laws and policies. British press has not been overly impressed with the new plans to revamp the immigration system and Reid is already under fire.

The Daily Telegraph says Mr Reid offered promises without substance, assurances without details and precious little grounds for confidence.

The Times says the Home Office may be on the move but it is not nimble. Uniformed border guards will not appear for three years, and it will be 2014 before all visitors are checked in and out of the country.

The Financial Times says business leaders are concerned about the threat of fines and asset seizures for those who employ illegal immigrants.

The CBI tells the paper that the government would alienate business if the law was used against bosses who made unwitting mistakes.

The Daily Star says the home secretary's predecessors all talked tough but failed to tackle immigration.

And the Daily Express criticizes using Crime stoppers to deal with the issue.