UK suspends working holidaymaker visas from Bangladesh

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Effective 07 June, 2006, the British High Commission in Bangladesh will not accept any further applications for the working holidaymaker visa. The decision is technically indefinite, but will be reviewed in six months.

The applications for new visas of this category are far outstripping the availability, something that is unprecedented at this current magnitude. The burden on the general visa system by this spike in applications is causing other problems and is draining resources.

Working holiday visa applications with fully paid fees that have already been submitted to any UK Visa Application Centre in Bangladesh before 07, June 2006 will processed normally. Applicants who have scheduled a UK TB medical appointment after the suspension date will be contacted by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) for cancellation of their appointments.

The service is expected to resume at some point, and applicants who wish to apply at that time will need to hold a valid UK TB Health Certificate before applying at any UK Visa Application Centre.

No further applications will be accepted until further notice.

[Last edited 14 June, 2006 for typo's. ]