UK Tier 2 Visa Restricted CoS Availability January 2020

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Sanwar Ali Comment:

Fortunately, there is still good availability of Restricted CoSs.  This is mainly for employers wishing to employ Tier 2 visa applicants who need to apply for a visa from abroad.  You usually need to apply for a restricted CoS by the 5th of the month.  This will hopefully be granted by about the middle of the month.  The bad news is that even if it is granted the process of applying for Tier 2 restricted CoSs causes delay.  Most visa applicants who can apply from within the UK need unrestricted CoSs that are easier to obtain.

Before Brexit and any transitional period ends there needs to be a simpler and faster Tier 2 visa system or some new UK visa system.  The UK visa system is also overly complicated so making mistakes more likely.  It remains to be seen if the Boris Johnson Conservative Government is able to implement a sensible UK visa scheme that takes into account Brexit.

Continuing good availability of Tier 2 visa Restricted CoSs

Following the final Tier 2 visa allocation of restricted certificates of sponsorship meeting of 2019, held on 11 December, the number of Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) available for January 2020 stands at 3,044, according to UK Visas and Immigration data. The department published its December report, citing that its figures were correct as of 17 December, 2019.

An employer with a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence needs to apply for Certificates of Sponsorship for immigrants they wish to employ. Under the current UK immigration system, unused Tier 2 restricted CoS to employ people who are currently based outside the UK, can be reclaimed after three months. This increases the availability of restricted CoS.

The number of certificates reclaimed as not used within three months for the month of December, totalled 303.

The latest, Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship allocation meeting took place on 11 December, 2019. All valid applications lodged by 5 December were successful, provided they scored a minimum of 40 points.

The breakdown of Tier 2 CoS for the month of December looks like this:

Number of Tier 2 Certificates of Sponsorship from annual limit set aside for allocation meeting in December.


Balance of Certificates of Sponsorship carried over from previous month (November).


Number of certificates returned during previous month (November).


Number of certificates reclaimed as not used within three months.


Number of certificates granted by exceptional consideration outside of monthly allocation during previous month (November).


Total number of Certificates of Sponsorship available for allocation in December.


Minimum point score for successful applications in December.


Total number of Certificates of Sponsorship granted in December.


Tier 2 (General – New hires under £159,600).


Tier 2 (General – Tier 4 dependant switching to Tier 2).


Balance of certificates of sponsorship carried over to January 2020.


Number of certificates of sponsorship available for allocation in January 2020.


The next UK Visas and Immigration allocation meeting is due to take place on 13 January, 2020. Once details of the meeting are published, they will indicate the number of Tier 2 CoS that will be available for the month of February, 2020. can help with Tier 2 Visa Sponsor Licences and Tier 2 Visas

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