UK Tier 4 student visa - Visa letters no longer accepted

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On 22 February the changes to the UK Tier 4 student visa were implemented in full. The following are the major changes:

Visa letters no longer accepted

All Tier 4 student applications made inside or outside the UK now require a confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS) with the application. Tier 4 student visa applicants will need to be provided with a CAS reference number and sponsor licence number. UKBA also suggests that you provide a CAS statement to the student with the following information:

  • student name;

  • student date of birth;

  • course title;

  • course start and end date;

  • details of any financial sponsorship/deposits taken;

  • documents that should be included as part of an application to prove qualifications;

  • CAS number; and

  • ATAS certificate (if appropriate).

If a visa letter has already been issued before 22 February 2010 this must be replaced with a CAS. The only exception to this is for out of Country student visa applicants who paid the visa fee before 22 February 2010.

Sponsorship Management System and Students who have been assigned a CAS

The fact that students have been assigned a CAS must be reported in the sponsorship management system (SMS). There have also been changes to the sponsorship management system:

  • You can now create a new CAS from the details in a previous CAS batch.

  • You will have to provide the main site study address for the assignment of a CAS.