UK visa application changes for Philippines, S Korea, and Uruguay

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The UK Border Agency (UKBA) announced that from 1 May 2012 they will introduce a priority visa service in the Philippines and South Korea.

The priority visa service will be available to applicants who pay an additional fee to have their visa application placed at the front of the queue. Typically, those who pay for the priority service will have their visa applications processed within 2-3 working days.

Additionally, from 12 May 2012, the UKBA will introduce a prime time appointment service for applicants in the Philippines. This service allows visa applicants to pay an additional fee in order to make an appointment to submit their visa application and provide biometric information at the visa application centre in Manila on a Saturday morning.

In other news on 16 April 2012 the UK visa section at the British Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay closed. Therefore applicants are no longer able to submit their UK visa applications or enrol their biometrics at this location. Visa applicants in Uruguay will need to make an appointment to enrol their biometrics at the visa section at the British Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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