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UK visa services in earthquake-affected areas

The terrible earthquake in Northern Pakistan on 8 October caused no damage to the British High Commission premises in Pakistan or India. Much of the embassy staff is now working to support the government and people of the affected areas.

UK visa services are unaffected and the High Commission will continue to operate as normal. Customers in India should continue to apply at the Visa Application centres throughout the country. In Pakistan, applications should be made through Gerry's/FedEx offices. The Gerry's/FedEx offices in Islamabad and Mirpur, the nearest to the earthquake area, are undamaged and open for business as usual. The British High Commission in Pakistan will also continue to accept applications from those resident in Afghanistan.

Currently over 90% of straightforward visa applications in India and Pakistan are decided within 24 hours, and over 90% of interviews are carried out within 15 days. Settlement applications take about 13 weeks.

The High Commission says it understands that over the coming weeks there will be people who wish to travel to the UK to be with family members. They should make their applications in the normal way. They will continue to accept urgent and compassionate cases as appropriate. All applications will be considered in accordance with the Immigration Rules.