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UK – New scheme for non-EEA graduates

17:37 01/11/2004
On October 25, the UK launched its Science and Engineering Graduate Scheme (SEGS), allowing non-EEA nationals who have graduated from UK higher or further education institutions to remain in the UK...

UK - New Highly Skilled Migrant Programme Application Form

14:14 29/10/2004
As of Nov.1, 2004, people applying for a visa under the Highly Skilled Migrant Program (HSMP) , will have to fill out a new application form. Applications made using the old form will not be accepted...

UK – Work permit applicants asked to wait longer

11:48 19/10/2004
Work Permit UK is currently trying to allocate resources to improve their service standards and urges applicants to allow for extended waiting periods depending on the application. If you intend to...

Gurkhas to Get UK Citizenship

18:52 01/10/2004
Gurkha soldiers from Nepal have won their legal battle that will allow some of them to obtain British citizenship. In this latest decision, those who served in the British army after July 1, 1997,...

UK Immigration to Inspect All Eurostar Trains

15:09 01/10/2004
In an effort to stop illegal immigrants at the source, British immigration officials will set up Passport controls for all UK-bound Eurostar trains, in Brussels and Paris, and at intermediate stops...

UK Home Office's processing dates as of 27th September

18:49 27/09/2004
Information about cases currently under consideration by the UK Home Office's Immigration and Nationality Directorate as of September 27th, 2004. Category: Leave to Remain applications sent to ATOS...