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Work Permits UK processing times as of December 14

9:49 14/12/2004
Processing times for work permits have not changed much over the last month. A work permit application in the UK takes up to five days. Applicants under the Highly Skilled Migrant Program (HSMP) can...

UK - Conservatives to overhaul immigration policy

11:20 10/12/2004
Conservative Party leader Michael Howard recently announced that, if the Tories return to power, there will be a major overhaul of British immigration policy, including an annual ceiling on...

UK - Interpol head shares his thoughts on the UK borders security

17:10 02/12/2004
Ron Noble, head of Interpol, recently spoke to a House ofLords committee in London and he did not shy away from sharing histhoughts on shortcomings in UK passport control at the borders. Noble said...

UK - Home Secretary David Blunkett to be investigated

18:12 01/12/2004
Home Secretary David Blunkett finds himself on thin ice asinformation about his ex-lover's nanny's fast tracked visa applicationhits the news in a big way. Blunkett says he is not guilty of any...

UK - Sector Based Scheme announcement

16:42 01/12/2004
As of December 1 the second half of the Sector Based Scheme (SBS) quota will make 3,000 permits for the food processing sector available and 4,500 for the hospitality sector. The 20 percent limit on...

UK - Visa section shuts down in Luxembourg

17:34 30/11/2004
The visa section of the British Embassy in Luxembourg will be closedfrom Nov. 30 this year. As of Dec. 1, UK visa applicants should applyto the British Consulate-General in Paris. These...