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UKBA announces new guidelines for 'overstayers'

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The United Kingdom Border Agency has announced changes to the rules regarding those who wish to apply for renewed leave to stay in the country when their leave to do so has expired. As from October 1st 2012, applications for further leave will be refused if the application is made 28 days or more after the previous leave has expired. This rule already applies to those who apply under the family migration route. From 1st October 2012, it will apply to all other applicants. These are
Applicants under:
• The points-based system
• All working and student routes
• Visiting routes
• Long residency routes
• Discharged HM forces and
• UK ancestry routes
If the 28-day period has expired you cannot apply from within the UK. To make an application, you must leave the UK and reapply from overseas.

Switching from study visa to Tier 2 skilled worker visa

The rules for anyone wishing to change his status from a Tier 4 student visa holder to a Tier 2 Skilled Worker visa holder remain unchanged. If you intend to apply for a Tier 2 visa, you must have a valid Tier 4 visa when you make your application. If you do not, you must leave the country to apply.

Applying to extend Tier 4 leave to remain in the UK

As of 1st October 2012, a tier 4 student visa holder who wishes to extend his leave to remain in the UK by starting another course must ensure that his new course of study begins no more than 28 days after the end of his leave to remain in the UK. The UKBA says that it will be updating its guidance on its website soon.

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