UKBA to begin issuing Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visas to South Koreans

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From 6 August 2012, the UK Border Agency's visa application centre in Seoul, South Korea, will accept Tier 5 Youth mobility scheme visa applications from South Korean nationals.

The UK Border Agency announced last month that South Korean nationals would be added to the UK's Tier 5 youth mobility scheme visa. Under the scheme, 1,000 eligible South Koreans aged between 18 and 30 can live and work in the UK for up to 2 years.

Currently, the following countries and territories participate in the Tier 5 youth mobility scheme and have a specific number of spaces allocated for them in 2012:
  • Australia - 32,500 places
  • Canada - 5,000 places
  • Japan - 1,000 places
  • New Zealand - 10,000 places
  • Monaco - 1,000 places
  • Taiwan - 1,000 places
Before applying for a visa South Korean applicants will need a certificate of sponsorship issued by South Korean authorities. You must apply within 3 months of receiving confirmation of your certificate of sponsorship, before it expires.

Additionally, to be able to apply, you must score 50 points in the following categories:
Nationality: You will score 30 points if you are a citizen or passport-holder of any of the countries or territories participating in the scheme 30
Age: You will score 10 points if you are:
  • under 31 years old when you apply for your visa; and
  • at least 18 years old on the date when your visa becomes valid (the first date when you can enter the UK).
Maintenance (funds): You will score 10 points if you have £1,800 in available cash funds.1

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