US creates special E-3 work visa for Australian citizens

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The United States Congress on 10 May approved major changes to its immigration law, creating a special E-3 visa for Australian citizens only. There will be 10,500 such visas available, allowing Australians to live and work in America for up to two years.

The E-3 visa will also allow Australian Citizens that qualify for the visa to renew the E-3 visa indefinitely. Similar to the H-1B visa, a US employer must sponsor the E-3 application and the applicant must have a job relevant bachelors degree or the equivalent job relevant work experience.

The new legislation represents a huge increase in work opportunities in the US because currently Australians have to compete on a global basis for just 65,000 H-1B work visas.

Another reason the change is highly significant is that the spouses of these new E-3 visa holders will also have work rights in the US, something not currently available.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services will take some time to implement the new E-3 visa category. Therefore, prospective applicants must wait until the US Government publishes further information concerning the E-3 visa application procedures. will provide further information when it becomes available