US E2 Treaty Investor and E1 Treaty Trader Visa Process Streamlined for Canadians

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Canadian investors applying for a US E2 treaty investor visa or US E1 Treaty Trader visa are benefitting from a streamlined visa process. Since March 2016 US Visas has had a streamlined E2 and E1 registration and visa process for Canadian investors and employees.

The new process gives Canadian citizens, and citizens of other E2 and E1 Treaty Countries who are permanent residents of Canada priority for scheduling E2 and E1 Treaty visa interview appointments. Employees under E2 and E1 and their dependents can schedule appointments in Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto and Vancouver.  For initial E2 or E1 Treaty registration by investors applications need to be made in Toronto.

E2 Treaty Investor visa criteria for Canadians and others

Investors from Canada are eligible for an E2 visa provided they meet the following criteria:

  • Investment of a ‘substantial’ amount of money in a US-based business
  • At least a 50% owner of a new enterprise in which they are investing
  • The business in which they are investing is, or will be, active and will create jobs.

Much debate surrounds what a ‘substantial’ investment is as there is not specific amount given in any E2 visa guidelines. It may very well be the case that in some businesses such as consultancy type businesses E2 visa registration application will be possible with a smaller investment

E-2 visa program good for franchises

According to Paul Lindquist franchises represent ‘a good fit for Canadian E-2 visa applicants.’ Lindquist asserts that franchises help investors to meet much of the criteria set out by USCIS.

He said: “Franchise brands are perfect for E-2 investors, because the US government knows these companies are legitimate, and the franchisor provides the investor with a detailed five-year business plan, something that is required to be filed along with your E-2 application.”

US E2 Visas also popular with British Citizens

The E-2 visa option has grown in popularity. As reported by in July, more UK business owners are heading to the US on E-2 treaty investor visas, with Orlando, Florida becoming a particular hotspot.

According to US Department of State data, British businesses are the largest investors in the USA, investing heavily into US-based subsidiary companies. In 2010, it’s understood that US subsidiaries of UK companies employed close to one million US workers, mainly across the manufacturing sector.

Nearly 38 percent of the companies invested in were in chemicals manufacturing.  UK subsidiary companies based in the US contributed 2.2% percent towards US exports about $27 billion.

Alongside Canada and the UK, more than 80 countries participate in the US E1 treaty trader and E2 treaty investor visa programs, including: can help with E1, E2, L1, H1B, B1 in lieu of H1B, E3 Visas and other types of US Visas

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