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US to eliminate social benefits for immigrants

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The US Senate approved a bill eliminating social benefits for legal immigrants, arguing that it will save the Federal Budget 35 billion dollars over the next five years.

The New York daily Tribuna Hispana assesses that 70,000 immigrants will lose their right to food stamps and Medicare services unless they become US citizens.

The House Budget Committee approved a 54 billion USD deduction package that eliminates food stamps for some 300,000 people, including thousands of immigrants, and sources expect it will be approved by the House.

In California, several social groups are lobbying to reject a controversial proposal to stop the inflow of illegal immigration from Mexico, using Federal Immigration Police.

Many Chicanos criticize the Border Police and current actions by voluntary patrols (Minutemen) because they deny honorable treatment to people who they chase down in fierce hunts.

The Federal Government has allocated more funds to battle illegal immigration and improve control on the border. The Homeland Security Department said it received 30.8 million dollars for the 2006 fiscal year from the White House, an additional 1.8 million dollars.

The DHS says the figure includes devoting 7.5 million dollars to deal with immigration problems in southern US.

President George W. Bush plans to boost a program reducing demand for a foreign work force while stepping up military patrol at US borders