US university opens online courses for illegal immigrants

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The University of California, Los Angeles Center for Labor Research and Education has partnered with the National Labor College to offer online courses for college credit to young immigrants, regardless of their immigration status.

The project, known as National Dream University, was created in an effort to reach out to illegal immigrant students in the US who are barred from several universities.

"Students are getting motivated, they're having a newfound sense of hope they can go to college," said Alma Castrejon, the project's coordinator. "If they're not having this opportunity in their home state, they need someone to provide that."

Roughly 35 students will be accepted to take up to six courses in 2013 on subjects such as labor history and nonviolence and social movements. Castrejon said that anyone can apply for the courses, regardless of their immigration status.

One year of courses will cost USD$2,490 and students will be required to travel to Maryland and California at the beginning and end of the year but will complete their coursework and assignments online.

Students who complete the program will receive a certificate and can transfer the credits to other universities.

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