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US Immigration News

Anti-immigrant US visa and immigration judges hired by DOJ

2:31 06/05/2020
Comment by Sanwar Ali : US visa policy has changed under Donald Trump. There have been harsh and highly controversial executive orders. US visa officers are treating petitions and visa applications...

Coronavirus US work visa and green card respite for applicants

2:40 05/05/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : Granting more time for applicants to obtain necessary information and documentation to respond to USCIS the US Government visa agency is very important. Under Trump,...

Sanwar Ali: US visas, coronavirus and travel ban latest

2:02 04/05/2020
By Sanwar Ali : Like many other Countries there are significant delays in obtaining visas and there are fewer flights. There have been a number of demonstrations in the US against the coronavirus “...

US visa public charge rule suspension denied by Supreme Court

0:58 29/04/2020
Sanwar Ali comment: Governments around the World both left-wing and right-wing have to a great extent pursued similar policies. There has been action on an international and national scale to deal...

Sanwar Ali: Comments on Trump Coronavirus Immigration Ban

1:40 26/04/2020
By Sanwar Ali On Monday 20 April 2020 Donald Trump made a typically confusing and widely misunderstood tweet relating to an immigration ban, to be put into place apparently due to coronavirus . After...

US green card ban ‘embarrassing’ says Melania Trump attorney

2:14 25/04/2020
Sanwar Ali comment: Fortunately, the “ immigration ban” by Donald Trump is very much limited in scope. Some people wishing to gain entry to the US on a Green Card may face delays of 60 days. However...