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Drug Use and Prince Harry's US Visa Application

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By Sanwar Ali:


The saga surrounding Prince Harry and his approved US visa application continues. The US government has once again declined to disclose any details about his immigration paperwork, citing the Prince's right to privacy. This decision has led to a fresh round of speculation and controversy, with many questioning the motivations behind this lack of transparency.

The Second Denial

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has denied a Freedom of Information Act request by the conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation, which sought to investigate whether the Duke of Sussex had been truthful about his past drug use in his US visa application. This marks the second time the DHS has rejected such an inquiry, maintaining that Prince Harry's public figure status does not negate his privacy rights.

Prince Harry's Admission

Interestingly, Prince Harry has openly admitted to consuming illicit substances in the past. In his memoir 'Spare' and his Netflix show, he confessed to having used drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and psychedelic mushrooms. Typically, such an admission could result in an individual being barred from entry into the United States, unless the person is granted a special dispensation.

Courtroom Drama

The refusal by the DHS to release Prince Harry's immigration records has not been without its share of courtroom drama. Lawyers for the Heritage Foundation reportedly sought legal intervention to expedite the DHS's response to their Freedom of Information Act request. However, Judge Carl Nichols denied their injunction appeal, urging the U.S. government to respond to the request in its own time.

Heritage Foundation's Reaction

The Heritage Foundation expressed its displeasure with the DHS's decision. Its lead attorney, Samuel Dewey, shared a letter from DHS senior director Jimmy Wolfrey, in which he neither confirmed nor denied having the Duke's papers on file. The Foundation's Nile Gardiner criticised the Biden administration for its perceived lack of transparency, insisting that they would continue to challenge the DHS's stance.

The Implications of Drug Use

Admission of drug use does not automatically lead to a ban on US entry. You can apply for a waiver following an in-person interview at a US consulate or official immigration office. The case of Prince Harry has drawn attention to the US's stringent immigration rules regarding drug use. Some would say that the immigration rules are unnecessarily harsh.

The Public Figure Conundrum

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have become prominent public figures in the U.S. since their departure from the British Royal Family in 2020. Some argue that Prince Harry has monetised his personal and family life, raising questions about the limits of privacy for such public figures.

Historical Precedents

Interestingly, the US immigration authorities have a history of releasing immigration documents of public figures. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website hosts an electronic reading room containing the files of some celebrities. This has added fuel to the ongoing controversy regarding Prince Harry's US visa application.


The tale of Prince Harry's US visa application continues to unfold, with each new development fueling further speculation and debate. As the world watches, the central question remains: Will the details of Prince Harry's immigration paperwork ever see the light of day? helps with US Work Visa: L1, H1B, E2, and O1 Visas

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