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US Immigration News

Report: US President Bush will try to gain immigrant votes

17:29 26/07/2005
A published report says that US President George Bush will attempt to gain Hispanic voters for the 2006 elections by "relaxing immigration policies." Strategists told the Los Angeles Times that the...

Immigrants not hurting US health care system: study

15:40 26/07/2005
A report released on 25 July found that immigrants are not swamping the U.S. health care system and use it far less than native-born Americans. The study, published in the American Journal of Public...

For many in the US, the green card wait is long

10:04 25/07/2005
A special feature from the Washington Post. Hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers are trying to stay in the United States . The wait is often long. The backlog of foreign workers seeking green...

Opinion: Immigrant janitors exploited by US employers

18:10 22/07/2005 brings you an opinion originally printed in the San Diego Union-Tribune, about immigrant cleaning personnel in the United States. It is usually a good thing that a group of people is...

US State Department releases August Visa Bulletin

15:08 21/07/2005
IMMIGRANT NUMBERS FOR AUGUST 2005 A. STATUTORY NUMBERS 1. This bulletin summarizes the availability of immigrant numbers during August. Consular officers are required to report to the Department of...

US lawmakers introduce immigration reforms

9:18 21/07/2005
Lawmakers in the United States Senate introduced legislation designed to stem a flood of illegal immigration across America's southern borders. The bill also establishes a temporary worker program,...