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US Immigration News

US tourism losing billions due to visa bureaucracy

17:33 09/05/2005
The tourism industry has warned that the US is losing billions of dollars due to bureaucratic visa procedures and tight security after 11 Sept. attacks. International tourists and foreign students,...

US H-1B visa regulation signed: 20,000 H-1B visas available

19:02 06/05/2005
The long-awaited regulation on the 20,000 US H-1B cap exemptions was published in the Federal Register on May 5, 2005, clarifying several issues. Firstly, it is now clear that the 20,000 exemptions...

Returning seasonal workers exempt from US H2B visa cap

11:04 05/05/2005
The US Congress has exempted foreign employees retuning to a previous job from the annual cap of 66,000 H2B visas meant for temporary, non-agricultural workers. This was part of the immigration...

US drivers licenses to be more difficult to obtain for everyone including immigrants

9:03 03/05/2005
On 2 May 2005, US Senate negotiators accepted a House plan to make states verify that driver's license applicants are US citizens or legal immigrants , but softened House-proposed changes in asylum...

US companies want more visas for unskilled foreign workers

15:19 02/05/2005
Small-business owners in the US who rely on international workers say they need more H2B visas to be available for foreign workers. The US government offered 66,000 visas under the H2B program, but...

Indians with 20 year passports may obtain US visit visas

12:56 02/05/2005
The United States has recently clarified that it will grant US visit visas to Indian nationals who have passports with a validity period of 20 years. The Indian media had reported previously that the...