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US Immigration: Obama announces executive action

18:38 16/12/2014
Last month President Obama outlined his plans for 'executive action' to reform the US immigration system. This is after continued attempts at immigration reform via Congress failed. In a television...

Asian migrants drive resurgence in US immigration

11:45 17/10/2014
Asian migrants are driving a resurgence in immigration to the US, with the largest increase in newcomers since before the recession. High numbers of Chinese students and skilled workers from India...

Obama may face impeachment over US immigration reform

9:08 04/08/2014
It seems increasingly likely that Republican members of Congress will attempt to impeach President Obama in a battle over immigration reform. The President is set to use his executive powers to...

Gates and Buffett call for US immigration reform

10:23 22/07/2014
Two of the most famous businessmen in the world, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, have called on the US Congress to pass an immigration reform bill. The two men were joined by a third US businessman,...

Obama: White House will reform US immigration

13:50 09/07/2014
By Alex Owen On Monday 30th June 2014, after waiting for more than a year for Congress to pass an immigration reform bill, President Obama finally admitted that reform legislation is unlikely to be...

US interest in 'soccer' caused by immigration and 'moral decay'

14:24 01/07/2014
Right wing columnist Ann Coulter has written an article complaining about the World Cup. Ms Coulter does not approve of the World Cup for a host of ill-thought-through and prejudiced reasons, chief...