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2012 Green Card Lottery may be the last

12:32 18/10/2012
If the Republicans win the US elections held on 6th November 2012, then this could be the last ever Green Card Lottery. The Republicans plan legislation that would abolish it. A United States...

Obama and Romney clash on immigration reform

18:25 17/10/2012
In the second of the US presidential debates, held yesterday, 16th October 2012 at Hofstra University, New York State, President Obama and the Republican challenger for the presidency, Mitt Romney,...

Obama and Romney to address immigration in TV debate?

12:17 17/10/2012
President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for the presidency at the November 6th US presidential election, will contest the second presidential debate tonight (16th October...

US firms finding it harder to get L-1B 'specialized knowledge' visas

9:54 08/10/2012
US firms are concerned that it is getting harder to transfer skilled staff from offices outside the US using the L-1B visa. Fifty leading US companies, including Microsoft and Oracle, wrote an open...

US report: number of immigrant business startups has fallen

13:21 04/10/2012
A new report published today says that the number of businesses set up by immigrants in the US is falling. The report's authors and backers hope that it will influence the immigration policies of the...

Obama tells Hispanic TV station that biggest failure was on immigration

16:00 25/09/2012
President Obama gave an interview to Univision, a Spanish language broadcaster on Wednesday 19th September 2012 and said 'my biggest failure so far is we haven't gotten comprehensive immigration...