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Obama tells Hispanic TV station that biggest failure was on immigration

16:00 25/09/2012
President Obama gave an interview to Univision, a Spanish language broadcaster on Wednesday 19th September 2012 and said 'my biggest failure so far is we haven't gotten comprehensive immigration...

Hard-line Republican stance on immigration may make it a US election issue

16:38 24/08/2012
Mitt Romney will campaign for the presidency of the United States in November on a hard line anti-illegal immigration policy. The new 'platform plank' was adopted by Republican Party leaders just...

US issues record number of visa to Ghanaians

17:34 10/07/2012
The US has announced that a record number of US visit visas were issued to Ghanaians in 2011. According to the US Embassy in Ghana, over 12,000 Ghanaians were issued with visas to travel to the US in...

Study shows more foreigners than US citizens applying for US patents

18:28 04/07/2012
A new study has revealed that foreign students and researchers file 76 percent of patents at America 's top universities. The study, released Tuesday, follows another recently published report that...

Many Australians aren't using U.S. E-3 visas

15:19 04/05/2012
A US visa programme the E-3 visa set up to allow Australian professionals to live and work in America and which can be renewed indefinitely is struggling to make up the numbers with just a quarter of...

US sees faster visa processing times for Brazil and China

11:26 03/05/2012
Thanks to an increase in U.S. Embassy visa officials in Brazil and China from last November, the U.S. has reported faster processing times. Also, following U.S. President Obama's announcement on 19...