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Anand Sharma

Indian IT firms threaten to relocate because of UK visa changes

10:55 18/04/2012
Indian officials warned the UK that Indian IT companies may relocate their businesses to other countries, if the UK government insists on tough visa rules which affect Indian IT professionals. India'...

India and Pakistan visa agreement next step towards Most Favoured Nation status

12:24 12/04/2012
Pakistan's high commissioner to India Shahid Malik announced this week that India and Pakistan may soon finalise a new visa agreement in order to boost business ties between the two countries. This...

India lodges complaint against US H-1B and L-1 visa fees

10:44 11/04/2012
The Indian government has lodged a complaint about the US at the World Trade Organisation over the increase in US visa fees. India claims that the H-1B and L-1 visa fees are too high and discriminate...

India concerned about US H-1B visa rejection rates

10:30 03/04/2012
India's commerce minister told his US counterpart this week that he is concerned about the rising rejection rates for applications made by Indian tech workers to obtain H-1B visas in the US. Commerce...

India to push for relaxed visa rules to UK

15:16 28/09/2011
India is set to press for a relaxation in visa rules and the easing of restrictions on the movement of professionals from India to the UK . The matter is expected to be discussed when the UK's...

Increasing number of H-1B visa applications being rejected in the US

12:31 28/09/2011
In light of the ever increasing volume of trade between India and the US , a public/private forum was established in July of 2005 called the US-India CEO Forum. The Forum's goal is to enhance...