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Immigrants sue US government for excessive citizenship delays

16:20 03/08/2006
• Watch This Video Current federal law in the United States requires that the government approve or deny a citizenship application within 120 days of an immigrant passing their exam. Many immigrants...

US paperwork problem delays marriage visas

15:14 11/07/2006
Recent changes to an application form for U.S. citizens to marry foreign nationals have delayed up to 10,000 visas. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) attempted to make some changes to...

US green card applicants heading elsewhere overseas

19:18 13/04/2006
When the US senate failed to agree upon changes to US immigration laws concerning illegal immigrants and border control, these were not the only issues left pending. The questions of how to clear the...

Immigrants finding jobs matching their skills in Quebec, Canada

19:04 10/04/2006
A study commissioned by the immigration ministry of Quebec suggests the stereotype of foreign trained immigrants not finding skilled employment in their particuliar field is not founded. The study...

Holland to show controversial DVD to some potential immigrants

12:14 14/03/2006
Potential immigrants to the Netherlands will be faced with a film showing two men kissing in a park, and a woman in a topless swimsuit, after Wednesday of this week. The DVD is part of a new entrance...

Australia regional board helps employers hire immigrants

11:53 08/03/2006
Australia's Remote Area Planning and Development Board has launched a project to create awareness and improve access to skilled migration options. It has also established an online questionnaire for...