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Study finds what migrants think of Australia

10:15 15/12/2005
With racial tensions rising around the nation, timely new research looks at what migrants truly think of Australia and Australians, and vice versa. The report, by Adelaide University, has been...

Asia, Europe to introduce biometric passports by 2010

17:02 06/12/2005
Countries in Asia and Europe are planning to introduce passports with biometric data by 2010 to help fight terrorism, an Indonesian immigration official said Dec. 6. Indonesia hopes to began issuing...

Spain's population grows thanks to immigration

16:26 21/11/2005
Spain posted its largest population increase ever last year, gaining more than 900,000 residents in a surge due almost exclusively to immigration, the Spanish government said. Spain granted amnesty...

Australia to make English test more difficult

10:42 07/11/2005
Australia , which is currently undergoing a massive campaign to attract more immigrants, is considering making its English language tests for skilled migrants more difficult, after finding that many...

New trends in migration to the UK: report

13:58 20/10/2005
New figures show that about 111,000 workers came to the UK from the new EU countries in the past year. That figure is up from 20,000, the number that arrived before EU enlargement in May 2004. The...

Record number of foreign students choose Canada

9:37 13/10/2005
Foreign students are attending Canadian universities in record numbers, more than doubling their enrolment in the last decade, says a report released 11 Oct. Statistics Canada says foreign students...