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Stricter student immigration slows Australian population growth

11:32 29/03/2011
Australia's population growth has declined due to tougher student immigration rules, which has reduced net immigration by over a third. New rules introduced in recent years require students to have...

UK tradespeople; Apply now for Australian immigration

12:53 22/02/2011
If you are a UK tradesperson looking to live and work in Australia , now is the time to apply. In July 2011, the Australian Government will implement changes that will make it more difficult for...

Changes to Australian Skilled Sponsored Visas

15:51 09/02/2011
Changes to Australian Skilled Sponsored Visas on 1 July 2011 will result in the removal of the permanent family sponsored visa route; Family members can still sponsor relatives under a provisional...

Australia helps Queensland reconstruction through immigration

18:24 31/01/2011
The Australian government will make it easier for employers to bring in temporary overseas workers to help with the reconstruction efforts in Queensland. Queensland was devastated by flooding in...

Australian mining industry needs skilled migrants

10:00 31/01/2011
Calls for increased skilled immigration are coming from Australia's mining industry as unemployment rates down under continue to fall. Goldfields Chamber of Mining and Energy is urging the federal...

Australian businesses call for more skilled immigration

14:00 19/01/2011
Reconstruction efforts in flood-stricken Queensland are expected to make it more difficult to recruit skilled labor for the Australian building industry, causing industry stakeholders to call for...