Businesses need increases in Australian skilled migration

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Unemployment in Australia has fallen below 5 percent. Low unemployment means more labour shortages. Businesses are urging the government to increase skilled immigration into the country to help deal with these labour shortages.

New job creation in Australia is holding steady at 30,000 per month and growth is expected to continue, according to budget projections by Skills Australia.

Skills Australia believes that the country will need many more Workers. They expect 9.3 million new jobs will be created over the next 15 years.

Skills Australia has stated that the country needs to commit to changes to the permanent skilled migration program and raise the number of skilled migrants from the current number of 113,850 immigrants this year.

They have also said that increasing the levels of immigration will mean that Australian businesses will have the confidence to make longer term investments. Businesses need to know that in future they will be able to recruit the people that they need.

There should also be an increase in the number of people on Temporary visas, and a new enterprise visa should be created to increase levels of investment into Australia, according to Skills Australia.

Australia already has a successful immigration system; This includes the General Skilled Migration program, a popular points based system that scores potential immigrants on factors such as work experience and qualifications.

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