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Ambassador criticizes UK over Bulgarian, Romanian workers

17:46 31/10/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News Romania's acting ambassador to the United Kingdom , Raduta Matache, has criticized the UK's decision to keep their labor market closed to workers from Romania...

UK, majority oppose amnesty for migrants

19:34 06/07/2006
A large majority of UK residents are against offering an amnesty to illegal immigrants, a poll suggests. The YouGov survey for the think-tank MigrationWatch, which campaigns against mass migration,...

Scotland attracts most highly skilled immigrants in UK

14:52 07/09/2005
Scotland is attracting more highly qualified immigrants than anywhere in the UK, population research has shown. The study, done by the BBC and the Institute for Public Policy Research, showed 3.3% of...

UK - Labour Government's New Five Year Plan For Immigration

17:41 07/02/2005
The Home Secretary Charles Clarke has today provided full details of a new five-year plan to show how Labour would change the immigration and asylum system if it wins the May Elections. The new plan...