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Chris Bowen

Australia announces immigration increase to fill skill gaps

16:59 14/05/2012
The Australian Government announced that they will increase the places available in the 2012–13 migration program in order to help fill skills shortages in parts of Australia. "The measured increase...

India is top source country for Australian immigrants

18:00 04/05/2012
Australian immigration has announced that so far this year, India is the top source country for skilled permanent migrants coming to Australia, surpassing China and the UK . "Most of the Indian...

Australian immigration to visit India and Sri Lanka

12:12 01/05/2012
Australian Immigration and Citizenship Minister Chris Bowen is visiting India and Sri Lanka this week to discuss further cooperation on border and immigration activities. He will also be answering...

New recommendations made for Australia's immigration detention system

17:38 04/04/2012
A new report proposes an overhaul to Australia's immigration detention process, recommending that refugee applications be processed within 90 days or the immigration minister forced to explain the...

Australian Immigration looks for skilled US workers to fill labour shortages

15:18 04/04/2012
Australian Immigration and Citizenship Minister Chris Bowen announced on 2 April measures that will assist in matching Australian employers with skilled workers in the US to fill skill shortages in...

Changes to Australian protection visa process for asylum-seekers

19:02 28/03/2012
Changes to the Australian visa application process for asylum seekers will combine two separate visa processes into one and come into effect 24 March 2012. Australian Minister for Immigration and...