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Chris Bowen

Western Australia tourism industry pushes for relaxed Working Holiday visa rules

11:37 17/03/2012
Western Australia Tourism Minister Kim Hames is pushing Australian immigration to relax rules for the Working Holiday visa to help fill job vacancies in the hospitality and tourism industry. Hames...

Australian immigration announces changes to the permanent employer-sponsored visa program

19:40 14/03/2012
Australian Immigration and Citizenship Minister Chris Bowen has announced significant changes to simplify the process for the permanent employer-sponsored visa program. The changes will affect the...

Asylum-seekers transferred or given Australian visas following closure of detention centre

11:16 08/03/2012
Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen announced the closure of the Pontville Immigration Detention Centre in Tasmania on March 6. Bowen said the last 12 detainees out of the original 113 people...

Australia and Argentina Work and Holiday visa agreement goes into effect this week

11:20 02/03/2012
Young people from Australia and Argentina now have the opportunity to visit and work in each others countries under a new work and holiday arrangement that came into effect this week. The new work...

Australia experiencing shortage of hospitality and tourism workers - Apply now!

9:23 07/02/2012
Australia is looking for immigrants to come work in their hospitality and tourism industry. These industries are short staffed; The Australian Government needs to attract 36,000 cooks, waiters, and...

Australian immigration continues to debate off-shore processing for asylum seekers

19:47 01/02/2012
Immigration talks between the Australian government and the Australian opposition regarding asylum seekers have reached a stalemate; Government leaders can't seem to reach an agreement with the...