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Huge US Immigrant Rights March

19:46 02/05/2006
On 1 May hundreds of thousands of people in the US marched in support of immigrant rights CNN reports. The organizers of a series of nationwide marches "A day without immigrants" asked those opposing...

US green card applicants heading elsewhere overseas

19:18 13/04/2006
When the US senate failed to agree upon changes to US immigration laws concerning illegal immigrants and border control, these were not the only issues left pending. The questions of how to clear the...

Half a million protesters in US rally for illegal immigrant rights

13:40 10/04/2006
Up to half a million Hispanics and their supporters poured onto the streets of Dallas April 9, to rally for the rights of immigrants as Democrats and Republicans remain at "logger-heads" over the...

H-1B visa increase one step closer

13:10 30/03/2006
The US could soon be doubling the number of work visas for skilled IT specialists wishing to work in the country. The Senate committee has approved one part of a controversial immigration bill...

US H-1B visa race set for April 1

19:28 23/03/2006
US Citizenship and Immigration services will begin accepting petitions for H-1B visas for workers for the US fiscal year beginning 2007 on the first of April. The visas are sure to be snapped up...

Bill Gates lobbies again for more US H1B visas

13:46 20/03/2006
Lobbying for an increase in the number of H-1B visas , Microsoft chief Bill Gates has called high-skilled immigration the "number one thing" that the software giant needs. He called it "ironic" that...