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Indian firms report increased difficulty in getting L-1B US visas

12:41 10/10/2012
Indian firms are reporting that it is increasingly difficult to obtain L category US visas for their staff. Ameet Nivsarkar, a vice president at Nasscom, the Indian software industry body, has said '...

UKBA to offer one-time mobile biometric clinic in Antigua & Barbuda

9:05 11/05/2012
The UK Border Agency will provide visa applicants from Antigua & Barbuda with a local Mobile Biometric Clinic on 18 May 2012. The one-time mobile biometric clinic will be located in St John's,...

Australia's immigration IT system to undergo massive overhaul

19:44 24/02/2006
Australia's immigration department has completed a review of its IT systems and has found it needs a radical overhaul that will cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Funding for the project is...