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David Cunliffe

New Zealand unveils updated immigration and border control policies

12:38 06/12/2006
• Watch This Video All travelers to New Zealand could soon be subjected to American-style requirements to supply biometric data upon their arrival under changes to New Zealand's immigration laws...

New Zealand Immigration Profiling Group tightens border control

19:57 04/09/2006
• Watch This Video Statistics released during August indicate that potential visitors to New Zealand are being turned away in larger percentages as border controls tighten. During the past year, visa...

New Zealand makes it easier to sponsor family members for residency

14:17 28/08/2006
• Watch This Video New Zealand is lifting the caps on the number of immediate relatives that may be sponsored for residency, as well as some other changes that should simplify the process. Announced...

New Zealand fourth most popular refuge for restless Brits

16:30 07/08/2006
• Watch This Video New Zealand is the fourth most popular choice for Britons wanting to settle abroad. Australia , Spain , Canada , New Zealand and the United States are the top five destinations for...

Website not attracting NZ expats as hoped

10:59 10/04/2006
A major campaign by the New Zealand government using a website to entice expats to return home is experiencing falling visitor numbers. The site - - made headlines in December...

NZ to toughens up immigration laws

14:10 06/04/2006
New Zealand is looking to introduce tough new measures that will make it harder to enter the country and easier to deport people. The Immigration Minister David Cunliffe unveiled the sweeping...