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David Cunliffe

Queenstown, New Zealand too dependent on foreign labor?

17:11 07/08/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News According to a new report soon to be released and commissioned by the Ministry of Social Development and Work & Income New Zealand , almost half of the...

New Zealand assists migrants with settlement

12:20 01/08/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News Immigration Minister David Cunliffe has revised the New Zealand Settlement Strategy plan to better assist migrants in getting settled in Kiwi. "New Zealand is...

New Zealand to lower target figures for skilled migrants

19:01 25/07/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News Despite ongoing skills shortages in key industries, New Zealand has been forced to lower its target for the New Zealand Residence Programme for the coming year...

Immigration increases Australian population - 21,000,000

15:25 11/07/2007
• Watch This Video Australia's population has grown to 21 million in 2007, helped in part by record immigration levels. The country is experiencing the largest immigration influx in decades. A...

Changes to New Zealand's Skilled Migrant Category

16:00 11/06/2007
• Watch This Video New Zealand's Immigration Minister, David Cunliffe, announced changes to the nation's Skilled Migrant Category (SMC), in an effort to attract highly skilled overseas talent that...

New Zealand's budget likely to result in further skilled engineer shortages

18:01 30/05/2007
• Watch This Video According to Dr. Andrew Cleland, Chief Executive of the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ), New Zealand 's budget for 2007 will create a greater shortage of...