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Indian outsourcing companies take the lion's share of U.S. H-1B visas

12:27 16/04/2007
• Watch This Video Last week, a computer randomly chose 65,000 petitions for coveted United States H-1B visas. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) had filtered through over...

E2 business visa a popular entry option for US

14:55 16/06/2006
There has been steady growth in the E2 visa over the past few years. An option open to people with substantial money, basically it is a way to buy entry into the U.S. without actually "immigrating."...

US resorts rely on foreign short-term workers

11:22 20/04/2006
US resort towns like Aspen, Colorado and Key West, Fla., have become reliant on hundreds of foreign workers who come to the US legally on short-term work visas. They take jobs scanning lift tickets...

US Senate begins immigration reform debate

15:08 03/03/2006
The much awaited debate in the US Senate on immigration reform has begun. The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold executive business meetings to consider the immigration reform bill proposed by...

Dependent spouses of US H-1B visa holders often frustrated

10:45 11/10/2005
For thousands of immigrant women professionals who arrive in the United States as spouses on their husbands' visas, being forced to stay at home and not work is difficult and depressing. The...

New Zealand to require HIV tests from some immigrants

15:47 09/08/2005
The New Zealand Department of Labour recently announced it will begin requiring a blood test that screens for HIV, hepatitis B, and liver and kidney function for all foreign visitors who plan on...