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NZ may allow temporary visas for unskilled island workers

15:08 03/04/2006
The New Zealand government is considering a plan to open New Zealand temporarily to unskilled migrants for islanders so to protect the neighbouring Pacific Islands from economic ruin. Foreign...

Fijians warned of scam employment in New Zealand

17:07 10/02/2006
Radio New Zealand International Online reports that New Zealand's Immigration minister is warning people in Fiji to be wary of a company reportedly promising jobs picking apples in New Zealand...

New Zealand has new work permit policy for Samoa and PAC

15:49 05/01/2006
A new work permit policy came into effect on 19 December 2005 in New Zealand specifically for Samoans and Pacific Islanders. Under the new work permit policy, people from Samoa and the four Pacific...

Australia attracting other islands' best and brightest

12:43 21/11/2005
Australia's immigration policy of luring professionals and skilled workers from poorer countries could be damaging the countries they leave behind, by attracting their doctors, nurses, nation-...

New Zealand, Australia differ on seasonal workers

10:03 26/10/2005
New Zealand is willing to consider allowing Pacific workers seasonal visas to New Zealand , while Australia has ruled the idea out. New Zealand's Prime Minister Helen Clark in visits to the Solomon...